No one can surely predict the future. But we can protect it.

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Every day we wake up to the fact that more than 250 million lives are part of our family called LIC. We are humbled by the magnitude of the responsibility we carry and realise the lives that are associated with us are very valuable indeed.

Though this journey started over six decades ago, we are still conscious of the fact that, while insurance may be a business for us, being part of millions of lives every day for the past 61 years has been a process
called TRUST.

If people understood what life insurance does, we wouldn’t need salesmen to sell it. People would come knocking on the door. But they don’t understand.

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My name is Sandeep Sharma. I am working as a financial consultant with LIC OF INDIA. I am dealing in Life insurance, Mediclaim policy, vehicle insurance. I have started my career with ICICI Bank. During my working experience i.e 2008-2013. I realized, i enjoy analyzing things connected to the society and do as much i can do for the welfare of people.

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